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ResoundAIR is a highly advanced digital hearing instrument.

The ResoundAIR is designed specifically for someone with high frequency hearing loss. ResoundAIR might be your solution if you have a mild to severe hearing loss. The main benefits of the hearing instrument are:

  • Comfort
  • Feedback suppression
  • Listening comfort
  • Clear sound quality


ResoundAIR replaces the traditional earmolds, with a thin tubing and dome, which makes this hearing instrument virtually invisible.


Feedback suppression

Your ResoundAIR hearing instrument combats feedback without a reduction in high frequency amplification. This allows for amplification of high frequency sounds critical to speech understanding. Our Danica hearing healthcare professionals will always calibrate this technology to fit your hearing loss.


Listening comfortResoundAIRear

The technology of ResoundAIR reduces listening fatigue in noisy environments and allows for better listening comfort. The technology is designed to reduce amplification of unwanted sounds that are often heard by hearing aid users within regions of normal hearing. The technology quickly responds to reduce undesirable sounds in between syllables of speech without degrading the speech signal. This gives you an additional advantage in difficult listening environments.


Clear sound quality

The compression system of ResoundAIR provides a clear sound quality. The technology focuses specifically on the soft high frequency sounds responsible for clarity of the speech signal.

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