The PLUS choice

The PLUS choice of hearing instruments provides you with:

  • Moderate social engagement
  • Speech understanding in stable background noise
  • Improved listening comfort

Canta 2 is an economical alternative for use in less demanding listening environments.

Canta2 brings the amazing sound quality of the more expensive Canta7 models within reach of those who wish to make the most of their budgets. This sound quality is the result of the unique Digital Cochlea Dynamics compression system used in all Canta models. This system closely mimics a normal human cochlea. The result is more natural sound that provides a more lifelike hearing experience. Canta7 family

The Canta2 hearing aid family has a complete line of models including: BTE – behind the ear (two styles; normal and power) ITE – in the ear ITC – in the canal CIC – completely in the canal.


  • Clear sound quality
  • Environmental programs
  • Directional technology
  • Feedback suppression


Clear sound quality

Canta2 uses a series of overlapping digital filters that process sound in a manner that mimics the function of a healthy human cochlear. This provides you with a clear sound quality.

The technology has a very advanced technology, which allows us to fine tune the sound processing of the hearing instrument to meet your individual hearing loss.


Environmental adaptation

Depending of the style of hearing instrument, Canta2 can be programmed with up to two environmental situations. Programmes are easy accessed by a push button or slide switch. Our Danica hearing healthcare professional will determine the number and type of programs most appropriate for you.


Directional technology

This technology is used to amplify the sounds coming from in front of you while minimizing the sounds coming from other directions in the environment. This feature makes sure the loudest noise source in the room is not amplified even as it moves around.


Feedback suppression

Like many other hearing aid users you might have problems hearing consonant sounds in speech. Amplification of high frequencies often results in feedback. Fortunately, in Canta2 this feedback is eliminated without a reduction in the high frequency amplification. The feedback suppression system in Canta2 is calibrated to your ear and is able to adapt to changes in the environment for optimal performance.


Danica Hearing Centre can provide and service you with Canta2 hearing instruments, which support the above mentioned PLUS benefits.


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